Back on the wagon.

So I know that I am not the only one who is like this… but I jumped off the wagon for the Holidays, actually longer then the holidays. It happens. We all do it. And you know what… IT’S OKAY! I started this WOE (Way of Eating) and I know that it works. Within the past 2 months of doing it I had dropped from 236 down to 220, that’s 16 pounds, 8 pounds on average a month. That = SUCCESS. Its January 3rd, my first day back at work and I’m determined to make this work, for me, for my family, for others. First things first, TRACK! I need to be consistent with tracking my foods. I suck at that! Secondly, meal prep. I prepped my lunch today and forgot it in the fridge. Third, be more active. Also, never count on others to be your “motivational buddy”. I don’t know how many times my friends and I have been like “Let’s do this together” then the very next day they aren’t feeling it. HA! Only you can change you. So do it.


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